When Being Sick is a Gift

This past weekend, I flew with Drew for the first time. He was fantastic and it was much better than my wandering mind expected. Leading up to this weekend, I felt a bit allover the place. I was trying to prepare for the trip. I was trying to immerse myself in an online anatomy training I’m working on. I was trying to commit to marketing and social media growth. I wasn’t sleeping too well because my mind was in a million different places. As is probably to be expected after a whirlwind trip with a baby in the middle of winter, all of this physical and mental stress landed me right in the middle of Sickville. Stuffy nose. Scratchy, sore throat. cough. exhaustion. You know what it’s like. The thing is, while of course it’s no fun to be sick, in a way it is a gift. It is forcing me to slow down, to be good to myself, to ask for help and to focus on what makes me happy instead of what I should be doing (because who has the brainpower for that!). I’m constantly amazed by life’s ability to give me just what I need. It isn’t always pleasant. But it is always (or almost always) necessary.

Some pics from our flight 🙂

Image ImageImage