30 Day Challenge: Day 30!

CONGRATULATIONS YOGIS! You did it! 30 Days of yoga COMPLETED! i hope you found this challenge as rewarding and fun as I did! For today’s final practice, I took it easy–just a quiet, restorative supta baddha konasana. Sore back, shoulders, and hips from flying with my little one were soothed and relaxed :). 

How was your day 30?

I’ll be contacting you via email with your prizes within the next few days! As a reminder, those who commented everyday will automatically win a 5 class pass to Allay and those who commented 15+ days will be entered into a drawing to win a 5 class pass. Good luck!!

We’ll definitely do this challenge again in the future, so keep an eye out! And, in the meantime, check out my running blog here if you’re interested in joining a 30 day fitness challenge, which will be launching soon! Finally, if this challenge has inspired you to want to take your practice to the next step, check out our upcoming Level 1 Teacher Training! I’ll be at the studio tomorrow, from 11:30-12:30 to answer any questions you might have about the program and get you registered!

Congratulations again!!!

30 Day Challenge: Day 29

Happy Day 29 Yogis! Can you believe only one more day?! I’m SO proud of all of you and love hearing how proud YOU feel! Rightly so!!

Today is my last day of travel for a while. Felt like the day called for a simple legs up the couch while playing with my cutie. It was lovely!

How was your day 29?

30 Day Challenge: Day 28

Happy Day 28 Yogis!!

Hope you’re having a lovely day! My body is starting to feel the traveling, all the activities (such as the one below), and some late nights. So, today was just a few seated poses, mostly gentle twists and side bends. Just what this sore torso was asking for 🙂



How was your day 28?

30 Day Challenge: Day 27

Happy Day 27 Yogis!

As it’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, I decided to go for balancing poses today. Warmed up with a few sun salutations, with some crescent lunges and twists thrown in for fun. Then moved on to a Warrior I based standing sequence, which included some of my balancing favorites such as tree, Warrior III, and standing split, all to build to a fun Dancer’s Pose, which I worked to hold for 10 breaths on each side. I haven’t done this pose in quite some time and it felt really great to revisit! 

How was your day 27? Can you believe there are only 3 days left?!

30 Day Challenge: Day 26

Happy 26 Yogis! I LOVE that you are finding each other in class and are enjoying the challenge so much! Hooray!! And, thank you so much for all of the fabulous flying tips! The journey went well!

This morning I went for a lovely run and afterward, enjoyed a slow flow of sun salutations, juicy hip openers (crescent lunges, lizard, child’s pose, pigeon, baddha konasana), and a refreshing bridge and supine twist. Ahhhh. My low back really needed that after a day of travel!

How was your day 26?

30 Day Challenge: Day 25

Happy Day 25 Yogis! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! It sounds like you did!

Today is another travel day for me (crazy month!), so kept it simple with a few Sun Salutations and a short, grounding sitting meditation. I can only assume that flying with a 9 month old, albeit an extremely chill and flexible 9 month old, will require some grounding and breathwork :). We’ve flown a few times before, but this is our first time since Drew is on the move! Any suggestions for entertainment (and containment) for the flight are very welcome!!

How was your day 25?