Yogi Spotlight: Laura Nelson

Hi Yogis! Welcome to our March Yogi Spotlight, organized and written by the fabulous Kathleen Reynolds! Today’s feature yogi is Laura. Learn more about Laura and her wonderful practice in her own words below!


I began to take yoga classes after the birth of my second child thirteen years ago. I’ve always been active and was looking for a way to spice up my fitness routine. I’ve been a runner, a swimmer, a gym rat and gone to boot camp at 5:45 a.m. When I began yoga, I wasn’t really interested in the spiritual teachings or what it could do for me outside the studio — just the exercise.

I have two teenagers, and life can get hectic and stressful. Now I find the teachings of acceptance, love and mindfulness have helped me become a calmer, more centered person and a better wife and mother. I also really love the exercise element, too. The more yoga I do, the better I feel and the less stress seems to get to me.

In exercise, I love a challenge, so my favorite poses are those that don’t come easily to me — like crow pose and half moon pose. Plus, my tree pose always seems to be in a wind storm… blowing back and forth and falling down! Like most people, I also love child’s pose and Savasana.

I like Allay so much because the teachers are so warm and welcoming. Yoga is what I do for myself (except for the hours of reading or binge watching House of Cards), and it’s important for me to do it at a place where I feel happy and accepted. I’ve taken yoga classes at a number of studios in the area, but I feel the most comfortable at Allay. My favorite classes are Marisa’s Monday and Friday flow classes because they are challenging and fun. Marisa is a wonderful yoga teacher who has helped me so much with my technique. I love that she pushes me beyond my comfort level and makes me a better yogi.